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artist / founder / creative / dancer / creative director / entrepreneur / registered nurse

29 year old Alea has been an artist since she could walk. Sketching, dancing, and creating has always been part of her life. Alea also played basketball for over 12 years with multiple leagues, her schools and helped with the organization PBA Ottawa, the city's first basketball league. Along with basketball and art, Alea also is a Hip Hop head, Street Dancer, and co-founder of Moov Ottawa Dance, one of the city's only Street Dance Companies. 

When she's not working on her craft, Alea also works as a Registered Nurse at The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Public Health and for various hospitals in Northern BC.

All mediums in her life always result in giving back to her community in one way or another. Check out the "Media" tab for what's she's been up to in her city.





The brand and planters have been inspired by the Hip Hop, Basketball and plant community. With taking inspiration from many creatives, Alea has gone head on with her own approach to The Home Grown


Each planter is individually and carefully hand made by Alea herself in Ottawa, ON. No one product is 100% exactly the same. This is not just a pot, it's a work of art. And when you receive your product, you know you're getting Alea's love for creating, community, basketball, Hip Hop and plants all in one shot (ha!) 

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Q: You're too expensive! Why would I buy a 200$ planter?

A: Yes, our prices can range in price, but take into consideration that new sports balls can cost up to 60$. Canadian shipping is also very expensive (up to 40$) and this is a small business. Not all products are suited for everyone.


Q: What is your planters made out of? Are they real plants?

A: The planter is a real basketball made out of synthetic rubber and/or leather. All plants sold are real, but we do not sell fake plants.


Q: Are plants included for Ottawa and Canadian purchases?

A: Not all planters come with a plant. Plants are only included when in stock and will be indicated on the Shop* page. Plants are never included in Canadian wide shipping - only Ottawa pick ups.

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stand included?

Q: How does the planter stand straight? Doesn't it roll over?

A: The planter includes a clear stand, terracotta saucer or you can purchase a gold metal stand instead.